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Matrix NEO! Prices

Which duration is suitable for me?

Matrix NEO! is clear and transparent – and so are our prices.

Our POS cash register system is virtually self-explanatory which is why we believe that we should have an uncomplicated and clear price structure too. Take a look to see which version of the Matrix NEO! will help to improve your business – and then see that it won’t cost the earth either!

Our team is always happy to help if you have any questions.


(monthly terminable)

80,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 12 months

50,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 24 months

48,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 36 months

46,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 48 months

45,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 60 months

44,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 72 months

43,00 €*
MATRIX NEO! 84 months

42,00 €*

*per month incl. Updates & Support
All durations except "BASIC" are minimum contractual periods

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